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  • Last updated on 1η Ιανουαρίου 2022

    Welcome to .

    Bookato takes the privacy of its customers very seriously. For this reason, we strictly adhere to the following Privacy Policy that ensures the high quality of our e-commerce services and is fully in line with applicable data protection laws.

    By visiting our Website, you agree to the Privacy Policy set forth below. If you do not wish to be bound by the following Privacy Policy, you may not access our Website and use our services.

    1. Company details

    The services of are provided by the company with the distinctive title Bookato ("Bookato" or "Company"). The details of our Company are the following:


    LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE: Helioudaki Margarita

    ADDRESS: 90 Kifissias, PC 11526, Panormou, Athens, Greece

    Phone: +30 210 699 4570


    VAT NUMBER. : 131832535

    TAX AUTHORITY: Public Financial Service of Psychiko

    1. Subject

    This policy sets out the terms and conditions followed by the Company to protect the privacy of its users This policy describes the conditions under which we collect and process your personal data and ensure its confidentiality ("Privacy Policy").

    Bookato reserves the right to modify and update this Privacy Policy whenever it deems it necessary and any change becomes effective and effective from the time it appears on the internet and on this Website.

    If a provision of the Privacy Policy is declared invalid or inactive, that provision is separated from that Privacy Policy which otherwise remains in full force and effect, but only to the extent that its original content is not substantially altered.

    1. Definitions

    For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the following definitions apply:

    a) "Personal Data" - Any information related to a identified or identifiable user of .

    c) "Website" - The website of the World Wide Web that is accessible through the domain name including all of its web pages.

    c ) "Website" - The website on the World Wide Web accessible through the domain name including all its web pages.

    d) "Consent" - Any explicit, specific, and freely granted indication by Christria, after her full information, signals her agreement with the processing of personal data concerning her.

    e ) "User" - The internet user who accesses and browses the, to whom the processed data concern and whose personalization is possible directly or indirectly.

    1. Types of Data collected

    At (a) your access to and use of our Website, (b) your subscription to our newsletter, (c) your subscription to your personal account and (d) the product purchase process, give Bukato the following types of personal data:

    a. At the point of your access and during the use of

    • Internet Protocol Address (IP Address)
    • Browse data.
    • Information about your consumer preferences.
    • Data on executed purchases.

    b. At the point of your subscription to our newsletter

    • Email address.

    c. At the point of your registration for your personal account

    • Name Surname.
    • Email address.
    • Phone Number.
    • Residence Address.
    • Username and Password.
    • Business name
    • Tax registration number and supervising tax authority.

    d. At the point of the product purchase process

    • Information regarding your order.
    • Shipping Address.
    • Comments.
    • Choice of payment method.
    • Data related to the execution of the payment.

    In addition, if you contact us by email or other means, we will collect your personal data related to such communications under the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy so that we can respond to your requests and improve our services.

    Bookato does not collect or access your credit card information. Your online payments at are processed exclusively under strict terms of confidentiality and by financial institutions that work with Bookato and run with your own promotion to secure the websites of these institutions. Therefore, your financial data is collected and processed exclusively by these institutions under strict terms of security and confidentiality.

    Finally, our Company does not collect, nor does it gain access in any way to sensitive personal data of its customers.

    1. Purposes of processing

    Our Company collects and processes your data, as mentioned above, for the following reasons:

    • Smooth operation of our online services.
    • Ease of use and user-friendly customer experience on our Website.
    • Execution of our contractual obligations towards our customers.
    • Indirect and effective receipt of orders and shipment of ordered products.
    • Use for charges and tax purposes and as proof of delivery of ordered products.
    • Improving our services so that we respond as much as possible to the needs of our customers.
    • Providing the service of our newsletters.

    Our company collects and processes your personal data exclusively for the purposes mentioned above and only to the extent that is strictly necessary for your effective service. The data collected is relevant, appropriate and not more than what is required in view of the above purposes, while we try to keep it accurate and up to date. In addition, your data is retained only for as long as it takes to achieve the purposes for which it is collected and processed, and then deleted.

    5. Consent

    Bookato processes your personal data:

    (a) with your consent, after being informed by this Privacy Policy of your data types, purposes, scope and recipients or categories of recipients of your data;

    b) or having collected data necessary for the execution of your orders.

    In particular, by accessing our Website and voluntarily providing your personal data during your subscription to our newsletter service, registration in your account and / or submission of the order / orders, as well as during your communication with us, after your complete information, you provide us with your explicit, specific and free consent for the collection and processing of such data.

    Your consent to the collection and processing of your personal data may be revoked at any time by the exercise of the right of objection, as provided by this Privacy Policy

    1. Cookies

    Our Website uses cookies. For more information see the Cookies Policy

    1. Commercial Communications

    When you visit our Website or use electronic media to contact us, you also agree to receive electronic updates from Bookato. In this context, our Company reserves the right to send you any information it deems necessary in order to respond to your requests. Any electronic communication between us is considered and accepted as complete proof and is not disputed due to the fact that it has been conducted by electronic means, unless enforceable laws specifically require a different form of communication.

    In addition, our Company reserves the right to send commercial updates via e-mail in relation to its products / services to Users who a) have created an online personal account on our Website and / or b) have subscribed to the electronic service newsletter us and / or c) have purchased our products and / or d) have accepted our services and / or e) have submitted their contact details to us in any other way under a contractual relationship.

    1. Confidentiality and Communications

    Bukato processes personal data in a way that ensures its confidentiality. In particular, such processing is performed only by authorized personnel of our Company, who takes all available organizational and technical measures to protect the data against accidental or illegal destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access and any another illegal form of processing.

    1. Recipients of Personal Data

    Bookato in no way discloses and / or shares your personal data with any third party, regardless of whether there is a benefit or not. Exceptionally, our Company is allowed to access or share your data to the extent necessary:

    • With creditworthy financial institutions to execute your payments.
    • With transport companies that we use to complete the shipment and delivery of our products.
    • With hosting service providers to guarantee the smooth operation of our Website.
    • With companies that we use to support our Website and the continuous provision of our services.

    The processing of our personal data by these entities is carried out under the control and instructions and is subject to the same strict privacy rules. If ordered by a court or other regulatory authority or in any other case where a legal obligation arises to take such action, we may disclose your personal data to the extent required by law, upon your notice.

    1. User Rights

    Bookato takes all the necessary steps during the collection and in each subsequent phase of the processing of your personal data so as to give you the full opportunity to exercise your legal rights, e.g. the rights to information, access and objection, as described below.

    a. For this reason, at the stage of their collection, you are informed that you are properly and clearly informed by this Privacy Policy, which is clearly placed on our homepage, for at least the following information:

    • The identity of our Company.
    • The purposes of processing your personal data.
    • The data of their recipients.
    • Your rights.

    b. In addition, you have the right to request and receive from our Company the following information in a clear and comprehensible manner:

    • All your personal data and their origin.
    • The purposes of the processing and the recipients or categories of recipients.
    • The development of such processing from your last request for information.
    • The logic of automatically processing your personal data.

    c. In addition, you have the right to file objections in writing requesting specific action regarding your personal data, such as correction, temporary non-use, freezing, non-transfer or deletion. If you request the deletion of your personal data, while such data is necessary for the fulfillment of our obligations to you, arising from the contract between us, our Company has the right to reject your request with reasons and to inform you accordingly.

    The right of access and objection mentioned above are exercised by submitting a request document together with the payment of 5 € per request.

    1. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

    Any dispute between Bookato and its Users arising out of and in connection with the subject matter of the Privacy Policy is governed by and construed in accordance with Greek Law without reference to the principles of conflict of law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Athens, Greece. .

    1. Contact Us

    For further requests or questions, you can contact us using the contact details below.


    Kifisias Av. 90

    11526, Panormou Athina


    Τ : 2106994570


    Cookies management policy

    Bookato operates with a strict privacy policy for the protection of the visitors of the Website, more details for which can be found here [hyperlink]. In addition, below we describe in general terms how we use cookies, when you visit our Website.

    What are electronic cookies ?

    Electronic cookies are small software code files that are transmitted by the servers of our Website to your personal computer and are stored in your browser, mainly in order to give us information about your needs and preferences. Depending on the expiration date, cookies are either "temporary" or "permanent". In particular, temporary cookies are automatically deleted whenever you close your browser, while persistent cookies are stored until their expiration date, unless they are deleted manually before that date.

    Is Bookato using cookies?

    Yes, we use cookies with the primary goal of making our Website more functional and user friendly, so as to ensure an improved experience for users.

    What kind of cookies do we use?

    Our Company uses temporary cookies for the following purposes:

    • For your automatic identification as logged in users or for your safe navigation on the protected websites of
    • For your automatic identification when executing online transactions and for the smooth operation of the "my cart" application.
    • To store technical data, which is necessary for your computer to display certain types of multimedia content, more commonly known as "instant cookies".
    • To distribute and efficiently process server requests among servers that belong to a group.
    • For the electronic identification and connection of users who are already connected to social networking sites.

    In addition, we use persistent cookies for the following purposes:

    • For an improved experience for the users of our Website.
    • To personalize our Website according to your needs and preferences.

    What kind of cookies do we not use?

    Bookato uses only its own cookies and does not use other cookies that come from third parties. Indicatively, we do not allow third-party advertising networks to control the consumer behavior of our customers through cookies.

    What kind of data do we collect when using cookies ;

    All data collected during the use of cookies through are processed and stored in anonymous form and do not contain personal information. In addition, our Company does not sell the information related to its customers that is collected in this way.

    When using cookies, we collect and process the following types of data:

    • Internet Protocol Address (IP address) and end-user device data
    • User data navigated to
    • Information about user preferences for Bookato products / services.
    • Data related to executed transactions

    How do you consent to this management policy cookies ;

    By accessing you acknowledge that you are aware of our notice that we use cookies, which is prominently located on the home page of our Website and links to this cookie policy with further detailed information. In the event that you decide to browse sub-pages of our Website and have adjusted your browser accordingly, you freely give your explicit and specific consent to our use of cookies. If you disagree with the cookie policy, you must refrain from any further browsing on or, alternatively, change your browser settings, disabling the storage of cookies and the ability to use them.

    How to disable cookies ;

    In case you wish to enable or disable the storage and use of cookies from your browser settings, depending on which browser you are currently using, visit the following websites to find relevant information about the required actions:


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